New Youngboy NBA "Kick Yo Door" .Mp3 Download & Stream Official Video

New Youngboy NBA “Kick Yo Door” .Mp3 Download & Stream Official Video

Youngboy Never Broke Again Has Dropped His First Track of the Year Along With it’s Video

The Track is Titled “Kick Yo Door” & Yup, It’s A Banger!

Stream the Official Music Video, Read Our Video Review, & Download the Song’s .Mp3

Youngboy Never Broke Again had the best year of his career in 2018. Breaking out as one of the top young talents to watch in 2017, the rapper lived up to his potential and proved that he’s the leader of the new young southern rappers.

NBA dropped numerous projects, videos, and tracks throughout 2018… further proving himself as a promising young rapper in the game. As we enter into the new year, Youngboy Never Broke Again kicks things off with this new single “Kick Yo Door.”

Watch the Music Video Below & Download the Track Free.

Youngboy NBA flows over Southern production, delivering haunting bars about robbery & home invasion. This single is his first of the year and follows the release of his most recent mixtape “Realer” which he dropped at the end of 2018, less than a month ago.

We’re excited to see what Youngboy puts together for his fans in 2019. In 2018, the rapper released six projects. He’s yet to announce any new projects this year, but with a new track this early in the year it seems he is eager to get to work!

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Official Music Video with Review:

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Music Video Review

In the video you see Youngboy NBA standing on the sidewalk spitting his lyrics in his usual fashion,

Only this time he is in front of another guy being jumped by a group of thugs. This shot then cuts to another group of thugs which kick in a door to an apartment and proceed to hold the occupant hostage at gunpoint.

The thugs take all the valuables they can find including cash and ransack through the apartment. They finish by stealing a duffle bag from the closet of the apartment- presumably full of “dope”, which is laid out in the lyrics of the song. The thugs then exit the premises and make their way outfront, where their getaway car is waiting to cart them off into the night.

The visuals go along perfectly with the track, as it is all about kicking in people’s doors & robbing them for their money and drugs. This is one way to go about coming up, but we wouldn’t advise it… As it is highly unlikely that you will make your way forward in life without being caught. If you are lucky enough to not get caught by someone doing these crimes, there is a thing called karma that is the realest thing on this earth…. But to each their own.

We are excited to see what creative tracks Youngboy NBA can put together in his future works throughout the new year.


Download Track Here

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