Young M.A “Bleed” Official Music Video Hip Hop Prod. By NY Bangers

Watch the Music Video for “Bleed” by Young M.A Below.

Young M.A recently released this hard-hitting track “Bleed.” Now, the Music Video is here!

In the song, the emcee reflects on her evolution and current stage, reminding listeners of her status, power, and lyrical skills.

“You got somethin’ on your mind then say that sh*t,” she raps in the track’s hook. “We kingpins this is not a playpen/ In other words we don’t play that sh*t.”

In other words, Young M.A is not to be messed with.

In the music video for the banger, the rapper is captured spitting her rhymes against a parking lot adorned by a sleek black vehicle. Sporting her signature braids and hat, along with a set of gleaming grills, Young M.A means business and the producer NY Bangers definitely shows out on the instrumental.

Credit for Video Production goes to Marc Diamond.

You can see Young M.A’s Biography Here


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