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Learn about the Top 3 Music Genres & Their 5 Best Albums of All Time

Top 3 Music Genres Explained & Their 5 Best Albums of All Time!

Music is life. Even further, most people even believe that without music, there would be a certain level of incompletion to life. Over the years ever since the very first kind of music was played, changes have occurred; not to match with the changing times, but rather to match with the changing needs of people and tastes which start to vary as a result of societal influence among other factors.

Have you been listening to your favorite music and love to believe that the genre you’re so down for is the best?

Well, feast your eyes on our list of the top genres of all time and find out all that there is to about them; including their top albums!

Hip Hopbest hip hop albums

On the top of the list would be hip-hop. Developed in America’s East and West coast and sometimes referred to as rap, is a form of music established in the 1970s. It mostly entails a rhythmic rap which may or may not consist of a rhyming speech pattern conveying a story aimed at passing a message.

Top Albums on itunes

Initially, hip hop was developed as part of a culture called the “hip hop culture” developed by mostly African-Americans with the goal to pass deep messages of the challenges they were facing during the times. An example of this would be the discrimination that they were going through.

Hip hop quickly established itself as part of the culture.

Hip hop was characterized by these major elements which include but are not limited to:

  • Rapping
  • Scratching
  • Breakdancing
  • Graffiti artistry

No single element was ever considered a “required” element for the music genre, but each together brought out the best music ever.

Perhaps some of the artists that didn’t necessarily kick it off but rather gave it meaning were those like Eazy-E who rose during a time when the young black males in America faced the harshness of police brutality.

tupac albumsTupac Shakur is perhaps the GOAT here, or otherwise, the “greatest of all times” with his name spreading through continental borders and music played to date. He recorded his music initially as a “voice” of the black people in America especially during the LA riots which saw a dark time in the States.

Although rap had been considered “inciteful” and was blamed for several crimes, the genre kept growing and solidified even more in the hearts of the people across the country.

Top 5 Hip Hop Albums of All Time

Nas’ “Illmatic” should be top of the list of the best hip hop albums of all time, with Eminem’s “The Marshall Matters” following closely behind. The Notorious BIG blew the mics with his “Ready to Die” album, and Tupac gave an equivalent with the release of his “All Eyes on Me” disc. Finishing off the list would be Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” which rose up so fast and ends the list of the top 5 hip hop albums of all time.

Today, the message contained by most hip-hop tracks has definitely changed

This is because of the changes the society has undergone, up to and including the rise of societal classes, technological advancements in several varying areas and also politics.

While the message may be different and artists definitely changing- one thing shall never change, not with time nor with artists; Even after the burial of many legends like Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls….the purpose and drive that Hip Hop gives to any and all who listen!

Country Music

Unlike Hip Hop which was birthed not so long ago, country music has roots which trace to the early 1920s in the Southern areas of USA. This is a music genre that is often associated with folk music and can be said to be a kind of “popular music.”

Its tunes are usually the “dance-to” type, often boasting of a lot of lyrical simplicity.

Country music thrives on its ability to get stuck in your head for days on end, all the time provoking you to wiggle your hips or bob your head. Country music songs tend to be the tunes in your head that you can’t seem to shake.

This music hit the studios in the 1940s and grew so fast in both popularity and also outreach, which as understood, goes beyond continental borders as was the case with hip hop. The USA’s late 2000s witnessed a lot of activity in Country music, as it was not only the most played music but also the most listened to.

top country music albums

Top 5 Country Albums of All Time

“Come on Over” by Shania Twain is the Billboard’s number 1 country album of all time. We believe we would all agree that “No Fences” by Garth Brooks should be second in the list. It would be very difficult to leave Randy Travis’ “Always and Forever?” out of this group as it has solidified itself as a timeless country music album. We also have Waylon Jennings’ “Greatest Hits” as one of the best, as it left the same grand impression that Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” did.

If you’d be taken back to the late 1920s and 1940s when Country Music was the talk of the day and what everyone wanted to hear playing on the radio, you would agree to crown this genre as one among the three best genres to ever be.


Who wouldn’t want a continuous rock beat booming into their ears as the first thing that happens in the morning? Rock music has, over the ages, gained worldwide popularity and constant plays. This has amounted to billions and billions of rock songs that have been listened to and loved.


Even though rock has been a staple in the music industry ever since it’s conception, every good thing has to face it every once in a while!

The only true criticism one can have about rock is that it has never apologized to anyone! It has persevered through decades of prejudice and disapproval, only to cement itself as one of the top 3 genres of all time.

This is what you need to know about Rock:

It is among the early forms of music, but definitely not the earliest. It draws its name from “rock and roll” from which it grew. The USA’s 1950s was an era of establishment for this music, with instrumental strings being pulled to make something amazing emanate from them.

Indeed, it did! The guitar is Rock’s most favorite and used instrument, and you will mostly hear this music sang and produced by bands as part of its groove or style.

Several genres and subgenres of rock have emerged over the years, but this has never affected the quality of music, or its outreach worldwide. It is amazing how the best beats today are a production of rock DJs with some of the Rock legends like Alan Walker topping the list in Electro Dance Music, otherwise known as EDM, which is an incorporation of both Electro and Dance rock. Indeed, Rock is the music genre which has established a great abundance of timeless music.

Top 5 Rock Albums of All Timetop rock music albums

It is one thing to produce art in strings and instruments, to the impression of your fans and it is another to leave a mark in their lives. The Beatles’ “Revolver” sure left a mark that forever shall be remembered as an outstanding album. Secondly, there is also “Exile on Main St” by Rolling Stones, which may never stop getting plays. Perhaps Jimmy Hendrix produced your favorite rock and roll in his album “Are You Experienced.” There is also The Clash who left fans speechless with their “London Calling” disc. Finally, there was Bruce Springsteen who released “Born to Run.” Who wouldn’t agree that indeed, the album did run the music industry under the Rock genre!

If you’ve been listening to music a lot, then I bet you have a whole playlist of rock music. This is where most begin their music listening endeavors. Many of us have been listening to music for decades on end now, and still prefer rock and roll music over our other favored genres.

Thank you for Reading Our Breakdown of the Top Music Genres & their Top Albums.

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