Stream 21 Savage's New Album "I Am > I Was" Download, Tracklist & More

Stream 21 Savage’s New Album “I Am > I Was” Download, Tracklist & More

Download 21 Savage’s 3rd Album, “I Am > I Was” Where He’s Shooting for GOAT Status

*Download Link At Bottom Of Page*

5pm PST

As You Can See From the Herd of Goats, 21 Savage Has High Hopes for this Drop.

Given that the last song 21 has blessed us with was over a year ago, everyone in the hip hop scene has their arms open wide for this work of art. 21 Savage holds a unique spot in many listener’s libraries, as it is hard to name another monotone rapper who keeps it as real and street as savage.


New music from the Savage Mode rapper is long overdue…. we are sure it will land him even more M’s in his bank account.

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This Album Features Dope Artists Like Post Malone, Lil Baby, Offset, J. Cole, Schoolboy Q, & Project Pat.

21 Savage didn’t skimp his fans when it comes to features. There is a nice balance of savage and guest bars throughout the album. It is so nice to be nodding our heads to new music from savage, it really has been a long time.

You can find the album from the leading music sources, as 21 was snatched up by the industry kingpins early, signing the rights to his future works away to a highly refined piece of fruit.


More New Music

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New Music Videos

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Complete “I Am > I Was” Tracklist With Features & Producers






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