Snoop Dogg is Tired of Kanye West's Tweets - "He's Acting Like a Fool"

Snoop Dogg is Tired of Kanye West’s Tweets – “He’s Acting Like a Fool”

Snoop Thinks Someone Should Confiscate Yeezy’s Phone.

Kanye West is wildin’ on Twitter again, and as entertaining as it might be for those who enjoy the petty, Snoop Dogg is over it. The Cali rapper made his opinion public via social media, uploading a clip he captioned as a “P.S.A.” It shows Snoop grooving to some Drake in his car before he unleashes his critique aimed at Ye.

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After qualifying Drake’s skills as “hard,” Snoop fired off.”On some real sh*t though, cuz: Is y’all getting tired of Kanye West and these tweets? Cause I am. I see why n*gga, you and Donald Trump hangout. Nigga, y’all tweet like a motherf*cker. I think that n*gga need Dr. Phil or Maury…You know what? That nigga need Jerry Springer”

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P. S. A.

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He continues to say that someone should snatch Yeezy’s phone because he’s “acting like a plum damn fool.”

“Get your ass off your phone n*gga…and go holla at that n*gga in real life. Stop telling the whole f*cking world what you’re going through. We don’t give a f*ck.”

After stating that he simply has better things to do than worry about Kanye’s social media antics, Snoop concludes his public service announcement with a suggestion for West’s entourage: “Take that n*gga Kanye phone and take him on Jerry Springer.”

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