Dizzy Wright Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done Official Music Video & Review

Dizzy Wright Shows us his Clothing Company “Still Movin” in the Official Music Video for “Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done.”

Michigan rapper Dizzy Wright is back with a brand music video for his song “Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done.”

It’s a fire track, in which Dizzy Wright spits about how nothing is impossible. His new clothing shop for his brand “Still Movin” is a testament to that. The store is located in Las Vegas. Still Movin is also the name of Dizzy’s current label.

The music video is set inside of that very clothing shop. Throughout the video we see Dizzy and his entourage interacting with customers and handing out some streetwear. In between that we get shots of the Flint, Michigan rapper passionately rapping.

One nice set of bars Dizzy can be seen looking into the camera saying,

“Wilding out I’m going crazy/Buckle up, we going out of space/I’m on a mission to get it/Tell them suckers n****s like me don’t know how to wait.”

The song is off of his Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done EP which dropped on June 1st of this year.

Full Video Below

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