Cardi B "Invasion of Privacy" Free Download, Review, Tracklist, Cover Art

Cardi B “Invasion of Privacy” Download, Album Review, Tracklist, Cover Art

Download & Read Our Review of the Successful Album “Invasion of Privacy” from Rapper Cardi B

Our Review:

Cardi B took fans unaware when she announced her new project Invasion of Privacy, and it ended up being very successful. Invasion of Privacy is a 13 track album, and every track is a banger. Her smash hit track which brought her to the limelight, “Bodak Yellow,” is the lead single from the Album

Invasion of Privacy has her recent songs like Drip where she Featured Migos and also her solo effort Be Careful.

As many know, her Invasion of Privacy Album definitely Toppled the Charts.

Download Cardi B Invasion of Privacy mp3 zip full tracks.

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From stripper to chart-topper via reality TV stardom, Cardi B‘s story is enthralling and she knows it.

“This some real-life fairytale Binderella shit,”

she raps to us on ‘Best Life’. It would be impossible to divorce her story from this debut album, because in a way, the story is the album. The Bronx rapper’s incredible rise to fame fuels every bar.

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After her breakthrough single  ‘Bodak Yellow’ dethroned Taylor Swift from the Billboard Hot 100 summit in September, the woman born Belcalis Almanzar could presumably have opted for transition to a pop career. But even though she featured on Bruno Mar’s R&B hit ‘Finesse’, she’s kept this album all hip-hop. It’s filled with trap beats over which Cardi celebrates her hard-earned lifestyle.

“You in the club just to party, I’m there, I get paid a fee.” ” she sneers on ‘Bodak Yellow’

There are more melodic moments, such as ‘I Like It’, whose sample from ’60s boogaloo hit ‘I Like It Like That’ salutes her Latin heritage, and ‘Ring’, a dreamy collaboration with Kehlani.

But mostly this album succeeds on it’s attitude, much like ‘Bodak Yellow’ did.

Cardi B’s rapping may not be as elastic as some of her peers’, but she’s endlessly daring, comparing her breasts to Beyoncé‘s twins on ‘Money Bag’ and asking Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen for a threesome on ‘She Bad’. She also matches the randiest male rapper with her sexual openness.

When she raps “Give him some vag’, I’m gettin’ a bag” on ‘Bickenhead’, it’s one of several ‘Wow, she really went there’ moments.

But this doesn’t mean ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ becomes one-note. The way she flips from righteous fury to plaintive desperation on ‘Thru Your Phone’, a track about her partner’s infidelity, is thrilling and palpably emotional.

Sure, this is a remarkably confident and compelling debut album from a natural superstar who’s put in the time.

“My little 15 minutes lasting long as hell, huh?” she boasts on the final track ‘I Do’.

Take this bar, and album, as evidence…. her fame is going to last a lot longer yet.

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