Best Audio Mixers - Highest Rated Digital Mixers For Recording Studios 2019

Best Audio Mixers – Highest Rated Digital Mixers For Recording Studios 2019

Highest Rated & Best Performing Digital Audio Mixers of 2019 – Reviewed By

If you are looking for the best performing Audio Mixers in the market you came to the right place! Everyone buying an audio mixer wants to get the best possible sound out of their recording studio. It is very important that you are able to get a model that provides all the necessary features within an affordable price. Reviews are the best place to be during your search for high quality affordable audio mixers. The reviews of these audio mixers will help you determine which products are the most reliable audio sound mixers without breaking the bank. Read on to select the mixer that not only provides you the best sound but also top performance and features. This buyer guide helps the buyer to determine which is the best performing audio mixer for 2019.

1) Behringer Xenyx 502 Compact Audio Mixer:

The best mainstay in the live studio and sound world is the no.1 Behringer Xenyx 502 premium digital mixer. It is not only the renowned digital audio mixers but widely acceptable for a best live sound audio mixer. From Behringer, the beautiful Xenyx series audio mixers are so designed to offers you the real-world features that provide a cost-effective and practical result. The audio mixer is a compact-five channel audio mixer with the 5-line level inputs and one microphone input. It has stereo paired channels that are easily used with cd player, recorder, keyboards and many other stereo devices. The compact Xenyx 502 is well-suited for the home recording studio and is quite affordable.

Amazing Value

No matter what your audio mixing needs, the Xenyx 502 provides the performance and features that can take your talent to the next level. Professional sound quality,  legendary Xenyx mic preamps, high-quality EQs and rugged reliability make Xenyx 502 ideal for both your live gigs and recording.

Features of Behringer Xenyx 502 Compact Audio Mixer:

– Stereo Inputs:

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The Behringer Xenyx 502 audio mixer provides two stereo channels having 1/4″ phone line inputs for recorders, keyboards, and other devices.

– Portable:

The audio mixer is in a compact form so it is ideal for the road, parties, and easy storage.

– Tape/CD Inputs:

The Tape/CD inputs are assignable to the headphone output and the main mix outputs. The power consumed by the audio mixer is 13W.

– Five Total Input channels:

The audio mixer comes up with 5-line inputs on the 1/4″ phone connector and a single XLR microphone input.


  • Compact in size and easily portable

  • Perfect for vocals and instruments

  • Provide great sound and easy to use

  • Versatile in nature and simple controls


  • Limited functions

  • No power switch


2) Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console:

No matter what your audio mixing needs, the Pyle Audio mixer provides the features and performance

which can take your talent to the next level. The Pyle Pro is a combination of a high power amplifier and mixer with the convenient adaptability of a USB-2.0 input. You can easily plug many sound sources into this audio mixer like music players, hard drives, flash drives and all kinds of instruments. The Stereo line inputs and mic support provides you an ultra-low noise and high headroom audio environment in a super easy way.


– Bluetooth Wireless Streaming:

It’s cable and hassle-free audio streaming ability enables you to give the wonderful music wirelessly. The mixer offers you the ability to stream music tunes wirelessly from iPhones, iPads, and Android phones through Pandora and Spotify mixing boards.

– Flash Reader, USB, and MP3 Compatibility:

To mix and record sound, just connect it with your computer, external USB, Bluetooth or flash drive. You can also use built-in controls to play/pause, switch and skip tracks.

– Multi-voltage Power Supply:

As 100v-240v is an ideal power supply used worldwide, So you can enjoy the new-multiple voltage power supply audio mixer. The value-packed mixing is the best and reliable solution for your problem.


  • Compatibility with external USB, flash drive, computer and Bluetooth

  • Wireless audio stream tune from Android, iPad, and iPhone.

  • Great for canned playlists

  • Affordable mixer with removable knobs

  • Very simple and no need for bundled software.

  • Perfect in combination with the voice meter banana or any other mixing software.


  • There are no mic buttons. So, if you want to mute mic, you will have to use the switch present on the mic.

  • Bluetooth is not of good quality


3) Yamaha MG10XU Input Stereo Mixer:

The Yamaha MG10XU stereo mixer is a small and portable rig with a plethora of capabilities and provides outstanding sound quality. The op-amp quality of the sound mixer delivers transparent, natural and clean sound. It has always striven to give the purest and best possible signals. It also offers the SPX digital multi-effect processors that enhance your perfect mixing. The D-PRE preamps give an impressive frequency range to handle any audio source.

The Yamaha audio sound mixer provides 3-band equalizers on all of the mono-channels for accurate and precise control of sound. The input channels with the PAD switch accepts your Mic to live inputs levels and gives an awesome audio performance by avoiding clipping. It also comes with downloadable Steinberg’s Cubase software that gives a flexible and powerful platform for music production. This audio sound mixer features an impact-resistant, rugged and powder-coated metal chassis that gives perfect durability to its user. The sleek design provides reliable performance and superior noise reduction also.


– 3 Band High-Pass and EQ Filters:

The audio mixer gives maximum control as well as eliminating any unwanted noise. The awesome 3-band high-pass and EQ filters enable you to get a cleaner sound mix.

– 1 Knob Compressors:

The 1-knob compressors offer easy control to give cleaner vocal, livelier guitar, tighter snare, and punchier bass line sounds.

– PAD Switch and Switchable Phantom Power:

The input channel with the PAD switch can accept Mic on mono inputs that is strong enough to manage loud sources. The SPX effect processors also give the comprehensive suite of 24 different effects.

– Equipped with USB audio interface:

Yamaha mixers are so famous for their sonic purity and flat response. This mixer is highly equipped with a USB audio interface to provide high-quality sound by any means.


  • Deliver clean, natural and transparent sound

  • Offers the facility of playback and recording with tablets and computers

  • Durable and highly-cost effective

  • Provides nice and clear signals

  • Great for studio and live shows


  • May get hot after prolonged use


4) Behringer 12 Xenyx 1202FX 3-Pin XLR:

I love the Behringer audio mixer because of its super-budget friendly features. The audio mixer provides a long list of features at an affordable price. There are 4-mic preamps, 12 inputs, 3-band EQ’s, and per-channel post faders that give great sound.

The 48-volts from the Phantom power supply will support any mic and EQ to give an effective and straightforward sound. The compact Xenyx 1202FX audio mixer gives premium quality because of ultra-musical EQs and 4-onboard studio-grade mic preamps. The built-in DC/Tape input and outputs let you play music between the sets and also record performance to outboard recording gears. The 1202FX audio mixers become the incredibly versatile mixer for the live performance because of awesome presets like flanger, chorus, delay, pitch shifter, and reverb.


– Super Mic Preamps:

The Behringer Xenyx 1202FX provide Xenyx mic preamps range of 14o dB with the bandwidth from 10Hz to 200 kHz. The outstanding mic offers the crystal clear and transparent performance.

– Musical British EQ:

The channel EQ on the Behringer Xenyx mixer is based on the same circuitry to provide the imbue signals with the detailed musical character and incredible warmth. When equalizers provide superb and sweet forgiveness audio quality.

– Built-in Tape/CD inputs:

The sound audio mixer also offers the built-in CD/Tape inputs and outputs that provide the warm musical sound and record performance tp the outboard recording gears.


  • Easy to use

  • Lots of versatility in a small package.

  • Provide you clean and clear sound, (No hum or distortion)

  • Provides amazing features at a very reasonable price

  • Better studio quality FX with a variable tap.


  • No power switch


5) Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Sound Mixer:

The Behringer Xenyx Q502USB sound mixer is made to handle your live audio streaming needs and provides the necessary tools to capture professional quality recordings. With the built-in Audio/USB interface and the 1-knob channel compressors, this sound mixer comes with fantastic editing and recording ability.

The 502 model of the Xenyx Q-series is a 2-bus and 5-input mixer with Xenyx compressor and mic preamps. The channel offers a 1/4″ input for the line level signals provides musical and warm tone correction for instruments and vocals. The gain knob also adjusts input level and the LED alerts when signals are high on distortion. The two sets of stereo inputs offer balance and level controls. The Stereo audio interface provides you the best place to record your mix directly to the computer.


– Offers State-of-art Tools:

The Behringer audio mixer provides the state-of-arts tools, that are needed to make professional quality and stunning recording. It provides best and effective home recording performance.

– Built-in USB/Audio Interface:

Along with built-in audio and USB interface, the audio mixer comes with the best recording and editing software that turns the whole system to the high-performance recording studio.

– Small Size with Amazing Features:

The weight of the Behringer audio mixer is 1.3 pounds.


  • Easy to use

  • Compact size and easily portable

  • The excellent and perfect sound system

  • Free from noise and any distortion

  • Easily set up with PC

  • Clear sound and easy controls inputs


  • Limited function

  • Lack of Power Switch


Buyer Guide for Top Audio Mixers:

If you have explored the huge range of mixing gear, then there are many possibilities out there. Here are the few things that should consider while shortlisted your sound mixers.

– Buses and Signal routing:

The function of signal and buses routing is very important in the recording. If you have to use special-purpose mixes like the feed to monitor, headphones, external effects mixes, recording gears, then you will more need signal paths and routing flexibility.

– Channels and I/O:

While buying audio mixers, always considers how many mics required to connect for your need. If you have the plan to use the condenser mics, then the mics inputs which supply you Phantom power will be perfect. If you want to connect basses or guitars directly with your mixer, then sufficient inputs will be needed.

– EQ capabilities:

Studio recording required the finer tweaking of the sound that provides sweetness to your mix. The multiband parametric equalizers needed to achieve an effective sound quality. For the simpler sound mixing, simple control over the bass, high and mid frequencies will be needed.

– Portability:

Many mixers are very compact but some are bigger. If the portability is a big issue, then go for the small option.

– Computer compatibility:

Many mixers provide excellent compatibility with PC and tablets. If you want to use the mixers to record onto your personal computer, then choose the unique audio mixers. If you need live sounds mix, then go for the cheaper options.


This review includes the top 5 Audio Mixers that are currently available in the market and are used by many users all over the world. Which one is to select is based on your needs and requirements like how many channels, quality of sounds and what features needed. Look at the pros and cons of top 5 audio mixers to see the best suited audio mixers for your need.

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